من سلسله روابط مهمة Important Links

شركات منتجة ومصنعة للهيدروليك والنيوماتيك


Links to Hydraulics Manufactures
1.                  AMCA Hydraulic Fluid Power
Proportional directional control valves and electronics.
2.                  Aron (Brevini Hydraulics)
Electro-hydraulic pressure, flow, directional and proportional control valves.
3.                  Atos
Hydraulic pumps, cylinders, servocylinders, modular, proportional and cartridgevalves and electronics.
4.                  Barnes
AC/DC power units, gear pumps, motors and flow dividers.
5.                  Bieri Hydraulik
Hydraulic pumps, valves and accessories with working pressures to 1000 bar.
6.                  Bondioli & Pavesi
Axial piston pumps and motors, gear pumps and motors, hydraulic valves, heat exchangers and electronics.
7.                  Bosch
Gear and vane pumps, accumulators, cylinders, valves and electronics.
8.                  Brand
Hand pumps, directional and flow controls and electronics.
9.                  Brevini Fluid Power
Hydraulic pumps, motors, power units, valves and accessories.
10.              Brueninghaus
Axial piston pumps and motors.
11.              Calzoni
Low speed, high torque radial piston hydraulic motors.
12.              Casappa
Hydraulic gear pumps and motors.
13.              Char-Lynn (Eaton)
Orbital motors and steering units.
14.              Command Controls
Hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds.
15.              Commercial (Parker)
Gear pumps and motors.
16.              Continental
Hydraulic vane pumps, piston pumps, directional control valves, proportionalvalves, manifolds and hydraulic power units.
17.              Cross
Gear pumps, directional valves, cylinders and accumulators.
18.              Danfoss
Orbital motors and steering units, valves and electronics.
19.              David Brown
Hydraulic gear pumps and motors, directional valves, pilot controls and Powauto PTO's.
20.              Delta Power
Cartridge valves and manifolds, hydraulic pumps, motors and power units.
21.              Denison
Piston and vane pumps and motors, valves and electronics.
22.              Des-Case
Desiccant tank breathers.
23.              Dinamic Oil
Orbital motors, radial piston motors and hydraulic winches.
24.              Donaldson
Hydraulic filters and accessories.
25.              Duplomatic
Hydraulic pumps, pressure, flow and directional valves, hydraulic cylinders, electronics and accessories.
26.              Dynex
Piston pumps, vane motors and valves.
27.              Eaton
Piston pumps and motors.
28.              Edi System (Bosch Rexroth Oil Control)
Cartridge valves.
29.              Enerpac
Hydraulic tools, high pressure cylinders, hand pumps and power units.
30.              Eppensteiner (Bosch Rexroth)
Hydraulic filters.
31.              Fairey Arlon (Parker)
Hydraulic filters.
32.              Fawcett Christie
33.              Flaretite
Converts 37-degree flare hydraulic fittings into no-leak connections.
34.              Flender Hydrex (now Hagglunds Hydrex)
Radial piston motors
35.              Flow Technology Systems
Hydraulic pump, motor and cylinder test benches, portable test equipment and data logging software.
36.              Gemma Automotive
Telescopic cylinders, gear and piston pumps, power take offs and control valves.
37.              Gresen (Parker)
Gear pumps and motors, valves, filters and electronics.
38.              Hagglunds
Radial piston motors.
39.              Haldex
AC/DC hydraulic power units, gear pumps, motors and flow dividers.
40.              Hartmann Controls
Hydraulic piston pumps, low speed high torque motors and directional controlvalves.
41.              HAWE
Radial piston pumps, valves and accumulators.
42.              Hedland
Hydraulic flow meters, portable and fixed position hydraulic test equipment.
43.              Helac
Rotary hydraulic actuators and attachments for hydraulic construction equipment.
44.              HFI Fluid Power Products
Hydraulic fittings and adaptors
45.              Hot Flush
Power flushing system for rapid cleaning of contaminated hydraulic systems.
46.              HPI (Hydroperfect International)
Hydraulic gear pumps and motors, gear flow dividers and hydraulic power packs.
47.              HUSCO
Directional control valves.
48.              Hy-Pro
Monoblock and sectional spool valves, line-mounted hydraulic valves and marinehydraulic steering systems.
49.              HYDAC
Accumulators, filters, heat exchangers and accessories.
50.              HydraForce
Cartridge valves.
51.              Hydraproducts
Mini hydraulic power packs - AC, DC, reversible and uni-directional.
52.              HydroControl
Gear pumps, hydraulic control valves and electronics.
53.              Hydromatik
Piston pumps and motors.
54.              Hydrostar
Radial piston motors
55.              Hydrotechnik
Flowmeters, pressure gauges, pressure transducers, dataloggers and other testequipment.
56.              Hydrotime (formerly Hidrokonsan)
Ball-check piston pumps, gear pumps, hydraulic valves and PTO accessories.
57.              Integrated Hydraulics
Hydraulic cartridge valves.
58.              Intermot
Radial piston motors.
59.              Internormen
Filters and contamination testing equipment
60.              Kawasaki
Axial piston pumps and motors, radial piston motors and valves.
61.              Kayaba (KYB)
Hydraulic gear pumps, axial and radial piston motors, valves and cylinders.
62.              Kazel
PTO hydraulic pumps - gear and piston, control valves and adapters.
63.              Kracht
Gear pumps and motors, valves, and electronics.
64.              Lake Monitors
Flowmeters and hydraulic test equipment.
65.              LHA (Donaldson)
Hydraulic filters and accessories.
66.              Linde
Axial piston pumps and motors.
67.              Magnom Magnetic Filtration
Filtration of sub-micron ferrous particles with no pressure drop.
68.              Marzocchi
High pressure hydraulic gear pumps and motors.
69.              MICO
Brake systems.
70.              MiniBooster
Hydraulic pressure intensifiers.
71.              Monarch
DC hydraulic power units and systems
72.              Moog (Bosch Racine)
Radial piston pumps (RKP)
73.              Moog
74.              MP Filtri
Hydraulic filters, tank accessories and contamination monitoring equipment
75.              Muncie Power
Power take offs and accessories for mobile hydraulic applications.
76.              Northman
Hydraulic vane pumps and valves.
77.              Oil Control
Cartridge valves.
78.              OilAir (Olaer Group)
Hydraulic accumulators and hydraulic oil coolers.
79.              Oilgear
Piston pumps and motors, valves and electronics.
80.              OilTech
Heat exchangers.
81.              Olaer
82.              Oleoweb
In-line valves, cartridge valves, hand pumps, flow diverters and hydraulicmanifolds.
83.              Parker
Pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, filters and accessories.
84.              Pedro Roquet
Hydraulic gear pumps and motors, valves, cylinders and AC/DC mini power-packs.
85.              Permco
Gear pumps, motors and flow dividers.
86.              Poclain
Radial piston motors, pumps and valves.
87.              Pradifa
Hydraulic and pneumatic seals.
88.              Prince Manufacturing
Hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, valves and accessories.
89.              PZB
High pressure gear pumps.
90.              Rexpower
Hydraulic valves, cylinders, pumps and accessories.
91.              Rexroth
Piston pumps and motors, valves, cylinders and accessories.
92.              Rineer
Low speed, high torque vane hydraulic motors
93.              Rotary Power
Axial piston hydraulic pumps and motors, and radial piston hydraulic motors.
94.              SAI
Radial piston motors.
95.              Salami
Gear pumps and motors.
96.              SAM
Orbital motors and steering units, and axial piston pumps and motors.
97.              Sauer Danfoss
Piston pumps and motors, gear pumps and electronics.
98.              Scanwill Fluid Power
Pressure intensifiers and hydraulic cylinder regeneration valves.
99.              Schroeder Industries
Hydraulic filters

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